How To Browse Internet without Data Plan

What if you can browse your internet without Data plans in 2017? After reading this headline, you will be like OMG! I can browse the internet without the Internet Data plans. But firstly understand it carefully, you can not download or upload anything without the web.
So, let me introduce the newly launched app in Android play store. The application is named as an Offline browser. In nowadays, the Data plans are bigger than daily life goods. Cause people depends upon the Internet totally. Everything is online like Booking, Ebooks and News Papers. That’s why today I have listed a browser for using the internet without any data recharge.
If you have a smartphone, then you have everything in your hand. Without the internet, your life is food without test guys. The call is the only option left on the web to do.
After spending all of your data, if you want to access to site or blog then you need an internet data plans. But today Here at we will believe in tricks and tips. That’s why below I have written an article to use website with the Internet. How you can do that thing below is the method to using the Internet without Data Plans.

Browse Sites without Internet Data Plan

Here is the trick revealed by me:
  1. Only you have to do is download the Offline Browser application from the Android play store freely.
Browse Internet without Data Plan
  1. Download the above-given app from play store and install on your Android device.
  2. After downloading the app, open it and Tap on the Add Button in the dashboard of Application.
    browse internet without data plans
  3. After clicking on the Add Button, you will get a page as I have given below.
  4. Put the link to the website you want to access that in offline mode. And put anything in the title box.
  5. Now, click on the Download button and wait for some time and you will get all files of that sites in your local storage.
  1. Now you can turn off the data and access the sites from your offline browser without any data plan.
browse internet without data plans
You can save many sites and blogs in your offline directory to access when you have not any plan activated on your device guys.
On the computer, there is much software which is used to access the websites in offline mode. In another article, I will briefly explain the PC trick for the Offline website access.

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